Topo Runventure 3 Review

Believe it or not I never ran until college. When I did start running for real the only shoes I liked were true minimalist shoes - as in so minimalist you could role up TWO pairs and put them in a Nalgene. My mom called them rubber socks). Prior to that you'd only catch me … Continue reading Topo Runventure 3 Review

Nathan VaporHowe 2.0 4L Review

So the thing that started this spurt of mini review was that my former favorite running pack - the Nathan VaporMag - ripped at a seam substantially enough that I lost my favorite pair of cold weather arm warmer (which I sadly can't replace). Busted seam in my Nathan VaporMag Nathan has awesome customer service … Continue reading Nathan VaporHowe 2.0 4L Review

Carbon Valley Half Marathon- The After

Words. Sometimes there are none; sometimes there’s too many I just ran the Carbon Valley Half Marathon for Autism while pushing my wee man. I carried with me names of others with autism for each mile. And your damn right I finished. Honestly I can’t believe I didn’t cry when I crossed that finish line … Continue reading Carbon Valley Half Marathon- The After

Going the distance…with an infant?! (Originally posted on

I often get double checked on my distance when sharing my adventures with my son. With my upcoming backpacking trip people keep asking how far I think we’ll go each day. And then their jaw drops to the floor when I answer 12-15 miles. Most people don’t realize my background. I’m an ultra distance trail … Continue reading Going the distance…with an infant?! (Originally posted on

Pre-Planning and the Darn Budgeting (Originally posted on

REI... Anyone with even the slightest sense of adventure could easily spend thousands of dollars here. Plus they work as a Co-Op and advocate and work towards saving our precious environment. What’s not to like?! Our family probably only visits two other stores more frequently- the grocery store and local running store (Runner’s Roost Lakewood). … Continue reading Pre-Planning and the Darn Budgeting (Originally posted on