Nightmare Come True (Part 1 of 2 maybe 3)

I’ve spent a lot time thinking and rewriting how I would share about this. How I would share about a nightmare come true. I wrote a draft basically telling everyone to F***ing wash their hands and cover their mouths. I wrote a draft that probably was a wee be too sciency for most. Today we … Continue reading Nightmare Come True (Part 1 of 2 maybe 3)

Slow Down

It’s ok to slow down. It’s ok to slow down, especially when you’re feeling off. Hormone shifts can do that. So can lack of sleep. Or maybe you just didn’t eat enough. You don’t necessarily feel bad- just not great. It’s ok to slow down. We’re runners and that tends to be hard. But it’s … Continue reading Slow Down

Weaning Warning I Wish I Had

Completely off topic Not related to mountains Or hiking But it is related to being a mom I want to talk about weaning and the potential hormone storm that can follow Did you know the weaning period is just as hormonally crazy as the initial postpartum period?! You can get postpartum depression or anxiety either … Continue reading Weaning Warning I Wish I Had


In honor of my website working again I decided to share about Mac’n’Cheese!! Oh yea that’s right. Cheesy delicious goodness. I haven’t been able to eat dairy for over a year. After having recently weaned (more to come on that later) I celebrated by making Mac’n’Cheese from scratch... Bye bye boxed stuff - the pressure … Continue reading Mac’n’Cheese