Glimpse Into Reality

You think you want a glimpse into my reality

“Well maybe if you could just explain so we understand?”

It might be impossible to understand what it’s like to be a preemie mom, a NICU mom, a special needs mom…unless you ARE one.

Best hospital day ever. GOING HOME

We check the diaper bag every night before bed to make sure it’s good for an ER Run. Make sure there is always enough fuel in the car to get to the hospital and the driveway is cleared enough for paramedics heaven forbid we need to call them … again.

IDK how he’s smiling in the ER? 🤷‍♀️

We spend more time on the phone with the pediatrician than our own mothers. We have our child’s therapists’ personal cell numbers, text them frequently and are friends on Facebook… and heck yes they are invited to birthday parties.

1st Birthday!

We spend hours every week calling specialists’ office and care coordinators. We forget about our own health often until it’s probably a bit too late

We despise hand sanitizer and over use it at the same time.

I could keep going but the list never really ends and he’s just too cute

Stealing Dad’s cookie

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